Analytical Facilities

Analytical/Testing Facilities and Charges

  • Rates quoted are without tax. Taxes extra as applicable (Goods and Services Tax or GST- 18.0 % as on 1st July 2017)
  • Rates quoted are for private industries; 25% discount for Govt. R&D labs/other CSIR labs; 50% discount for academic institutes/research scholars and NGOs/trusts working on projects related to societal issues
  • The 50% discount to the start-ups and incubators, as offered to the academic institutions.
  • The start-up and the incubators should produce the necessary certificates recognizing them as start-ups/incubators from the authorized government agencies to avail of the discount.
  • Discount is not applicable to sample preparation charges mentioned for certain analyses
  • Payment to be made by bank transfer only. Bank account details of CSIR-NCL are mentioned in the link provided below
  • For large number of samples for the same analysis from the same user, discount packages are available. Please contact for further details.
  • Before making payment and/or sending samples, kindly request for a Tax Invoice. Payment should be made against the Tax Invoice.
  • Details of samples and expected analysis are to be filled in the template (Download the word document file) and enclose along with samples and payment.
  • Before making payment and/or sending samples, kindly confirm the feasibility of the particular analysis at CSIR-NCL and availability of the instrument
  • CSIR-NCL does not provide any test report of analytical testing on its letterhead. CSIR-NCL is not a certifying agency for any product or process. The testing/analysis of samples are extended by CSIR-NCL in good faith as a research aid only
  • For queries, please contact:;