Academic Programme : Overview

National Chemical Laboratory trains a large number of PhD students in the chemical and allied disciplines. NCL provides a vibrant academic atmosphere enabling inter-disciplinary and cross-disciplinary areas of research to flourish. Opportunities are available to do research in Theoretical and Computational Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Materials Chemistry and Physics, Advanced Functional Materials, Materials for Solar Energy, Nanomaterials, Polymer Science & Engineering, Green Chemistry, Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Catalysis, Biochemistry, Molecular biology, Structural biology, Proteomics, Plant Tissue Culture, Organic Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, etc. NCL has excellent facilities and equipments for carrying out research in the above areas. NCL also subscribes to most of the important scientific journals. Students will have ample opportunities to attend conferences and present their work. NCL have many reputed scientists including Nobel Laureates as guests round the year and have talks and discussions by them.

From 2010, NCL has started a M. Tech program in Chemical Engineering which will be extended to a PhD program. All the NCL students will now be awarded degrees by the newly formed Academy of Scientific and Innovative Research (AcSIR). Other than Ph.D. students, several MSc and B.Tech / B.E. students work on their final year projects at NCL. NCL scientists often teach at other academic institutions including Pune University and IISER, Pune. Many scientists have foreign collaborations also.

Excellent hostel facilities with wi-fi and internet access are available for regular NCL students. More hostel and student recreation facilities are going to come up for the benefit of students.