Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)


Government of India through Gazette notification has allowed 2% of the net profit as Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) funds to be contributed towards the incubators of the Public Sector undertakings of Central or State Government to conduct research in science, technology, engineering and medicine for promoting the Sustainable Development Goals. Additional resources for funding the R&D projects at the national institutions of eminence and excellence are now available collaboratively to boost the R&D investments in the country.

Working with CSIR-NCL through Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Scheme

CSIR-NCL welcomes corporates to invest CSR funds in R&D of CSIR-NCL.
This page provides information for companies looking to work with CSIR-NCL and support research activities and other projects at CSIR-NCL through CSR funding


CSIR-National Chemical Laboratory (NCL), Pune, established in 1950, is a constituent laboratory of Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR). CSIR-NCL is a science and knowledge based research and development organization. It is internationally known for its excellence in scientific research in chemistry and chemical engineering as well as for its outstanding track record of industrial research involving partnerships with industry from concept to commercialization. CSIR-NCL is the largest patent filing non-profit organization in India. CSIR-NCL produces one of the largest numbers of publications and PhD students in the chemical sciences in India.

About Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR)

CSIR is India’s leading publicly funded R&D organization that promotes advance knowledge in natural sciences and engineering, and translates it for the benefit of the people. The CSIR directs its research and development towards the goal of prosperity and well-being of the people. CSIR accomplishes this by:

  • Technology development and innovation
  • S&T services for the Industry
  • Exploratory research and advanced research training
  • Setting-up and operating national resource centres, facilities, collections and databases

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