Services Offered

Contract Research, Consultancy and Technical Services form the greater part of NCL's business interactions with external industries as depicted below.

services offered

In addition, NCL also offers the following services:



  • Unencumbered patents (for a listing of patents available for licensing please click here)
  • Know-how, knowledge developed in house (for a listing of know-how available for licensing please click here)


Information Based Products and Services

  • Technology monitoring, assessment and forecasting
  • Multi-client studies on emerging technologies and new products
  • Technical information retrieval, collection, documentation and management
  • Management of large databases



NCL offers customised training programmes in several areas of its competence to customers. These training programmes are designed in consultation with the customers and are offered either at customer's site or at NCL. Some of the training programs provide hands on experience with research tools. For some examples of recent training programmes please click here.