Facts And Figures

NCL a Snap Shot (as on 31-3-2021)

  Established 1950
  Location Pune, India
  Scientific Staff 125
  Technical Supporting Staff 126
  Administrative Staff 97
  Students and Project Staff 310


CSIR grant
  Capital Rs. ------- Million
  Recurring Rs. ------- Million
Project mode funding
  Network programs Rs. ------- Million
  NMITLI programs Rs. ------- Million  
Expenditure (2020-21)
  CSIR Rs.  ------- Million
  Lab reserve Rs.  ------- Million  
Total income earned from R & D services
  Industry Rs. ------- Million  
  Government Rs. -------Million

NCL at a Glance

  • Approximately 200 scientific staff with PhD.
  • Interdisciplinary research centre with interest in polymer science, organic chemistry, catalysis, materials chemistry, chemical engineering, biochemical sciences and process development.
  • Excellent infrastructure for measurement science and chemical information.
  • About 400 graduate students pursuing research towards doctoral degree; a strong and young talent pool which renews every few years.
  • Publishes the second largest number of papers in chemical sciences (~ 400), files the largest number of patents, both in India (~30) and abroad (~90) and produces the largest number of Ph.Ds in Chemical Sciences in India.