9. Procedure Followed In Decision Making Process

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9.1 The procedure followed to take a decision on various matters is in accordance with the rules and regulations governing the subject matter under consideration. In order to arrive at a particular decision for important matters, the Research Council of NCL gives direction of the R&D activities to be conducted by the Laboratory. Such R&D activities of the laboratory are managed by the Director with the advice and a Management Council constituted for managing the affairs of the laboratory. Notwithstanding the fact that the Director has the authority to exercise all financial and disciplinary and other powers, he has delegated certain administrative and financial powers to subordinate functionaries. The delegation of powers at different levels from which the decision is arrived at, is available as a link in the Chapter entitled Powers and Duties of Officers and Employees. The levels through which a decision process moves is as under:-

Supervisory Level
(General Administration / Finance/Stores & Purchase)
Specified Designated Authority as provided in the Delegation of Powers


  • The final authority in the decision making process rests with the Director and in certain specified matters, the final authority rests with DGSIR, New Delhi. However, certain powers have been delegated to lower functionaries by the Director.
  • We are guided in our activities by our Controlling Auithority, i.e. CSIR. Based on its directives, the decisions are taken at Laboratory level by the Head of the Laboratory, i.e. Director.
  • Any decision concerning the public is communicated by the Head of the Laboratory / designated authority to the public.
  • Time limit for taking a decision as per CSIR guidelines :  For this visit following link : https://www.csir.res.in/organization-function/procedure-followed-decision-making-process-section-41biii