3. Powers and Duties of Officers and Employees

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Functions, powers and responsibilities of the Director, National Chemical Laboratory.
The Director, as Head of the Laboratory shall be responsible for: -

  • Realizing the mission of the National Laboratory;
  • Creating an environment in the National Laboratory conducive to nurturing of innovation and high class R&D and the other S&T activities of the laboratory;
  • Managing the affairs of the National Laboratory as per the decisions of the Management Council
  • Director shall in all matters, i.e. administrative, financial and disciplinary, have powers delegated to him by the Governing Body.

[Ref : Rule 53 A of CSIR Rules & Regulations and Bye-laws]. iv)

Bye-laws further provide for delegation of powers to other officers / functionaries subordinate to Director. The details of powers of DG,CSIR; RC; MC; Director and the powers delegated to other functionaries may please be referred to at link delegation.