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Physical And Materials Chemistry : Overview

The research work at the Physical and Materials Chemistry Division is driven by a strong curiosity about how things work at the atomic/molecular level. Our goal is to combine our knowledge and love of chemistry to make discoveries that have social, economic, and personal value. Theoretical computational chemistry, Materials science, Thermodynamics of chemical reactions and processes, Nanoscale science, Molecular modeling and simulations are some of the areas that are currently being actively pursued. Our common goal is to discover, test, and understand the fundamental physical characteristics of a material—be it solid, liquid, or gas and see their application potential to different areas of current national/global interest such as Energy, Health and Environment. We cater to almost every industry and some of the industries that we collaborate are as diverse as chemical processes, developing theoretical methods and tools, ceramics, catalysis, electronics, pharmaceuticals, surfactants and colloids, personal care products.


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Ajithkumar, Dr.T.G.

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