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Polymer Science And Engineering


R&D activities of the Polymer Science & Engineering Division include basic research in synthesis of polymers with controlled architecture, supramolecular assembly of polymers, hydrophobically modified polymers, polymer crystallization, rheology, processing and structure development in complex fluids, theory and simulation of behaviour of glassy polymers. More importantly, this discipline oriented research is geared to exploit the expertise so developed to meet the challenges of CSIR’s mission mode projects in the field of solar cell, fuel cell, materials for healthcare, smart food packaging, etc. The Centre for Excellence in Polymers undertakes research and scientific services programs as well as learning and educational programs for Indian Polymer Industry. The division has strong linkages with industry and a culture of IP driven R&D. In keeping with world trends and requirements, a renewed emphasis has been placed on Biomass Technologies for sustainable development of environment-friendly “green” polymeric materials, biofuels, and other related developments using the concept of a “Biorefinery”.


Contact Person

Kharul, Dr. U.K

CSIR- National Chemical Laboratory, Dr. Homi Bhabha Road , Pune 411 008 India Email :- uk.kharul@ncl.res.in Phone :- +91-20-25902180 Fax :- +91-20-25902615

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CSIR- National Chemical Laboratory (NCL)
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