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Industrial catalysis and catalytic processes


Industrial catalysis research at NCL is aimed at the development of innovative catalysts consisting of soluble metal complexes, supported metal catalysts, mesoporous materials and methods of hydrogenizing soluble catalysts. The focus of research programs is on integrated approach to develop catalysts and process routes involving catalysis, organometallic chemistry, surface science and chemical reactor engineering. The research activities cover basic research on new concepts, catalyst design, reaction mechanism, catalyst performance enhancement, kinetic modelling, novel catalyst-product separation techniques as well as analysis of multiphase catalytic reaction systems. The objective of research in this area is to develop commercially viable catalytic processes for fine chemicals using catalysts which are environment friendly.

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CSIR-National Chemical Laboratory,
Dr. Homi Bhabha Road ,

Pune 411 008 India
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Phone :- +91-20-25902043
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Joshi Dr. S. S.

Senior Principal Scientist: Chemical Engineering & Process Development
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Area Of Expertise:- Process Chemistry; Catalysis; Chemical and Reactor Engineering

Kavita Joshi

Senior Scientist: Physical And Materials Chemistry
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Area Of Expertise:- Catalysis; Computational Material Science; Quantum Chemistry; Theoretical Chemistry

Sawant Dr. D. N.

Scientist: Organic Chemistry
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Area Of Expertise:- Catalysis; Drug Design; Organic Synthesis; Process Chemistry; Synthetic methodologies

Umbarkar ,Dr. S. B.

Principal Scientist: Catalysis And Inorganic Chemistry
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Area Of Expertise:- Catalysis; Homogeneous Catalysis; Materials Chemistry