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Computational biology


We study biological and biochemical systems from an interdisciplinary angle, which is an important feature in Biology today. The primary focus is to apply mathematical and computational concepts and methods in different areas of biological sciences across different scales, for understanding systems behaviour (System Biology) and drug discovery with potential application in pharmaceutical industry. The main thrust of the research is to study: Biochemical reaction pathways (Gene regulatory, Metabolic and Signalling) - both small and large Networks; Cellular interactions; and Population level, with special emphasis to different diseases, such as Cancer (specifically, Glioma, Lung adenocarcinoma, and Pancreatic), Malaria, Visceral Leishmaniasis, H1N1 etc.

Contact Person

Sarkar, Dr. R. R.

CSIR-National Chemical Laboratory,
Dr. Homi Bhabha Road ,

Pune 411 008 India
Email :-
Phone :- +91-20-25903040
Fax :- +91-20-25902621

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Kadoo Dr. N. Y.

Principal Scientist: Biochemical Sciences Division
Area Of Expertise:- Bioinformatics; BioTechnology; Microbiology; Proteomics

Sengupta Dr. D.

Senior Scientist: Physical And Materials Chemistry
Area Of Expertise:- Bioinformatics; Chemical Biology; Soft Condensed Matter Physics; Structural Biology; Theoretical Chemistry