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Center for materials characterization


The center's mission is to derive information on the structure and physicochemical properties of materials for the advancement of chemical research. The major goals of this facility are structural elucidation, characterization and analysis of chemical composition. The center houses several advanced instrument facilities and has the expertise to provide solutions to problems related to materials.

Contact Person

Joy, Dr. P. A

CSIR-National Chemical Laboratory,
Dr. Homi Bhabha Road ,

Pune 411 008 India
Email :-
Phone :- +91-20-25902273
Fax :- +91-20-25902636

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Selvaraj Dr. K.

Senior Scientist: Catalysis And Inorganic Chemistry
Area Of Expertise:- Catalysis; Computational Material Science; Materials Chemistry; Nanotechnology; Supramolecular chemistry

Singh Dr. K.

Scientist: Physical And Materials Chemistry
Area Of Expertise:- Materials Chemistry; Nanotechnology