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1Dr. Syed Dastager, Li, WJ, Rajasabapathy, R, Liu, Q, Khieu, TN, Son, CK, Mohandass, C, Colaco, A, Yoon, JHStreptomyces sp metabolite(s) promotes Bax mediated intrinsic apoptosis and autophagy involving inhibitor of mTOR pathway in cervical cancer cell lines. Scientific Reports20188,2810 - 0
2Dr. Syed Dastager, Joseph, N, Mawlankar, R, Ramana, VV, Shouche, YS, Sonalkar, VVAnti-microbial activity of Chrysomycin A produced by Streptomyces sp. against Mycobacterium tuberculosis. RSC Advances20177,36335 - 36339
3Dr. Syed Dastager, Li, WJ, Rajasabapathy, R, Liu, Q, Khieu, TN, Son, CK, Mohandass, C, Colaco, A, Yoon, JHDomibacillus mangrovi sp. nov., and Domibacillus epiphytica sp. nov., isolated from the marine habitats of Central West coast of India. International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology201767(8),3063 - 3070
4Dr. Syed Dastager, Shouche Y.S., Pawar S.P.Actinorectispora indica gen. nov., sp. nov., a novel member of the family Pseudonocardiaceae isolated from soil. International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology201666(4),939 - 945
5Sarkar D., Shingate, BB, Nawale, L, Khan, FAK, Sangshetti, JN, Shaikh, MH, Subhedar, DD1,2,3-Triazole derivatives as antitubercular agents: synthesis, biological evaluation and molecular docking studyMedChemComm20156(6),1104 - 1116
6Dr. Sreekumar Kurungot, Anothumakkool, B, Sekar, P3D Polyaniline Porous Layer Anchored Pillared Graphene Sheets: Enhanced Interface Joined with High Conductivity for Better Charge Storage ApplicationsACS APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACES20157(14),7661 - 7669
7Dr.(Ms.) Neelanjana Sengupta, Jana, AKA beta self-association and adsorption on a hydrophobic nanosurface: competitive effects and the detection of small oligomers via electrical responseSoft Matter201511(2),269 - 279
8Dr. Dattatray Late, Rao, CNR, Waghmare, UV, Singh, A, Biswas, K, Felser, C, Jana, MK, Rajamathi, CRA combined experimental and theoretical study of the structural, electronic and vibrational properties of bulk and few-layer Td-WTe2Journal of Physics Condensed Matter201527(28),0 - 0 Article No: 285401
9Kunte, SS, Bhowmick, KC, Bhowmick, SA comprehensive study on the effect of acid additives in 1(R),2(R)-Bis[(S)-prolinamido]cyclohexane catalyzed direct asymmetric aldol reactions in aqueous mediaINDIAN JOURNAL OF CHEMISTRY SECTION B-ORGANIC CHEM201554(1),84 - 92
10Dr. Arumugam Sudalai, Ahuja, BBA concise enantioselective synthesis of (2S,3S)-3-hydroxypipecolic acid via proline catalyzed alpha-aminooxylation of aldehydes and Pd-catalyzed ether directed aza-Claisen rearrangementsTETRAHEDRON-ASYMMETRY201526(1),24 - 28