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NCL accords the highest importance to any confidential data received from the customers. Some of the steps that NCL undertakes to maintain the confidentiality of customer's data are the following:

  • NCL refrains from working with customer's competitors in similar areas.
  • NCL signs a secrecy agreement with customer's guaranteeing protection of data disclosed to them.
  • NCL executes a back to back secrecy agreement with its scientists to ensure the confidentiality of information.
  • All Information received from customers is handled only on a "need to know" basis within NCL.
  • Research students are not engaged in projects sponsored by industrial customers.
  • NCL does not divulge the details of the project by descriptive project titles in its internal correspondences/ documentation. Only a broad title is used in all its in-house documentation.
  • NCL withholds printing of information related to such projects in its annual reports and other reports to external agencies.
  • All external communication related to such projects in the press, media, seminar presentation and publication are undertaken only with the express written approval of the Divisional Head and Director.
  • Research notebooks and records are held as confidential documents. Access to these records is provided only by proper authorization.
  • NCL management strives for high standards of personal and professional ethics in its contract research/consultancy assignments. In pursuing such assignments care is taken to avoid "conflicts of interests".


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