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Terms of Reference/ Mandate/ Functions

  1. To give awards to the teams of NCL scientists, engineers and technologists for scientific innovations or development of commercial technologies of international class. The work must represent a high level of team effort.
  2. To give awards, institute fellowships or scholarships, stipends, remuneration and/or other similar payments to NCL scientists and research scholars to facilitate their undertaking a high level of scientific and technological research in the area of interest to NCL.
  3. To establish and support professionships, fellowships, lectureships, scholarships and prizes.
  4. To award scholarships and fellowships and grants to NCL scientists and research scholars by way of loan and otherwise and on such terms and conditions, as the trustees may think fit for the purpose of undertaking, prosecuting and encouraging research work in Chemistry, Chemical technology, Chemical engineering, Biological sciences and other branches of sciences of interest to NCL.
  5. To encourage and support participation by NCL scientists and research scholars in the conferences and seminars abroad for activities relating to the research areas of interest to NCL.
  6. To print, publish and exhibit or subsidies the publication of any pamphlets, or posters relating to the research done by NCL scientists and research scholars.
  7. To provide for, educate and train NCL staff or other institutes in India or abroad to enable them to manage research and other infrastructural groups effectively.
  8. To devise incentive schemes, or reward systems for the supporting staff belonging to administration, finance, purchase, marketing and other related sections, so that they can effectively contribute towards the attainment of laboratorys R & D goals.
  9. To promote, develop and improve scientific exchange of knowledge as well as technical cooperation between research institutions having objects similar to that of the foundation.
  10. To do all acts, matters and things as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above aims and objects or any one or more of them.
  11. To take over or amalgamate with other charitable society or trust with similar objects.


S.No. Role Name Position E-mail ID Contact No.
1 Chairman Dr S Pal Director, NCL s.pal@ncl.res.in 2600
2 Secretary Mr. S. K. Gupta COA coa@ncl.res.in 2106
3 Joint Secretary Mr. G. Prabhakaran Scientist, Head g.prabhakaran@ncl.res.in 2138
4 Member Dr. V. V. Ranade Deputy Director, NCL bd.kulkarni@ncl.res.in 2611
5 Treasurer Mr. S. Chandrahas COFA sfao@ncl.res.in 2550

External Members

S.No. Role Name Position E-mail ID Contact No.
1 Member Prof D D Sarma Chairman, Research Council    
2 Member Prof. G. D. Yadav Director, ICT, Mumbai    
3 Member Mrs. S. F. Vakil CEO of Donor Industry    

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