PhD programme at CSIR-NCL

CSIR-NCL has an active research program leading to Ph.D. degree under the disciplines of Physical, Chemical, Life and Engineering sciences.  It provides a stimulating atmosphere, which fosters creativity and encourages innovative thinking and research. 
The PhD program consists of flexible course work, laboratory training, research project to demonstrate attainment of a high degree of scientific ability which is followed by advanced research leading to a PhD thesis on a specific topic. The PhD program is normally completed in 4-5 years. During the first year, the students have to go through a course work covering basic and advanced topics. The students are encouraged to take courses in inter-disciplinary areas. Apart from the subject courses, short courses in research methodology, scientific communication and laboratory safety are mandatory for all the students. As part of the PhD program, the PhD student is expected to give at least two seminars.

All the selected students are expected to undergo coursework (approximately two semesters for students with a Bachelor’s degree, one or two semesters for students with a Masters) and pass the qualifying examination to be declared as Ph.D. candidates. The qualifying examination will test knowledge of the core subjects.

Various awards, for best research work, best publication, travel grant to attend conferences abroad, etc are provided to Ph.D. students.  Additional incentives will be available for interdisciplinary research. Hostel facilities are available for regular CSIR-NCL students. More hostel and student recreation facilities will be coming up for the benefit of research students.

The selected JRFs will be eligible for a fellowship and House Rent Allowance (HRA) as admissible under rules and a Contingency grant.  On completion of two years, JRFs could be upgraded to Senior Research Fellowship (SRF) based on an assessment.  The total tenure including the fellowship period shall not exceed 5 years.